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At the end of YEAR 4 all children will take a ‘Multiplication Check’ to ensure they have a solid basis of times tables’ facts. Click here to practise:


Today the class recited the first of Heracles’ twelve tasks:

How quickly does it take for ice to melt?

Here are some photos of the proud Osprey children having finished their boxes at the end of last term.

Today we considered what decorative designs to use on our boxes

Just a reminder of the four parts of homework:

1. Daily reading

2. Learning times tables facts

3. Doodle maths

4. Sentences and spellings

At the end of Year 4 the children are required to take a Times Tables test. The following website will prove helpful:


Welcome to a new school year. The children have settled in well and we look forward to our exciting trip on 20th October to Park Row Synagogue, Bristol.

The week before the Year 4s have their trip to Folly Farm from Thursday 13th to Friday 14th October.

Viking Longboats

Year 4 Music Performance

Cooking Week

Cricket Coach

Two Tunnels Walk

Sports Day

Jubilee Day

A few photos from today’s Jubilee Parade and a look at some of Osprey’s amazing hats!


This week, Osprey Class Class enjoyed an athletics session where they practised the key disciplines of running , throwing and jumping.

Mount Fuji Paintings

In art, we studied the Japanese artist Hokusai and his paintings showing ’36 views of Mount Fuji’. The children chose their favourite painting which they sketched out and painted using watercolours.

Lego Session

Here are a few photos from our Lego session this week which focused on building and architecture.

Netball Tournament

Many year 5 girls from Osprey Class took part in the High 5 Netball Tournament at Ralph Allen this week. They showed fantastic teamwork and sportsmanship and, most of all, had loads of fun! Well done all of you.

Mountain Landscapes

Take a look at the amazing mountain landscapes that Osprey Class have created! First, we sketched out a mountain scene with a focus on shading and creating perspective. We then added the background with watercolour using the ‘wet on wet’ technique to blend. Our pictures were then finished off with black pen. They look fantastic and really brighten up our class!

The World’s Mountain Ranges

In topic, we have been learning about different mountain ranges in the world. In groups, the children researched their mountain range and presented their findings on a poster to the rest of the class.

World Book Day

We had a fantastic day for World Book Day in Osprey Class. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing ‘The Masked Reader’ and we immersed ourselves in poetry. Some fantastic characters from so many different books also made their way into our class. Have a look…

Year 5 Skiing Trip

Wow! The year 5s could make up the next GB squad for the Winter Olympics! We had a fantastic day at the Mendip Centre skiing and tobogganing. Have a look at some of the photos…

Year 4 Climbing Trip

The year 4s had a fantastic trip to the climbing centre in Bristol before half term. Have a look at some of the photos of their day…

Dreams and Goals

In PSHE this term, we have been thinking about our dreams and goals. We were inspired by Martin Luther King’s speech ‘I have a dream’ and used this to think about our own dreams for the future. We have created a lovely display in class to share these with each other.

Read Around

This term, in line with our topic of mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes, we are reading around the Pacific Ring of Fire! Every time the children read at home, they get to move to the next volcano on the ring. Loads of house points are on offer at the end of each cycle so keep reading!


In PE, we have been playing lots of hockey! We learnt a variety of skills and have recently been trying these out in game situations. Here are a few photos of our sessions…


This week, we started to look at play scripts. We focused on the features of this particular text type and how it varies from other texts. We then put our acting skills to the test and acted out the play ‘The Cookery Lesson’.

Science Week

What a brilliant first week back we have had! Our focus has been on science, with a jam-packed week of investigating and experimenting. Have a look at what we have been up to…

Properties of Materials

States of Matter

Investigating Changes of State

Investigating Dissolving

Which materials affect the speed in which sugar absorbs water?

Which paper towel is the most absorbent?

Separating Materials

‘Twas the last week before Christmas…

What an amazing (and very busy) last week of term we have had! Loads of arts and crafts, an amazing trip to Caerleon and generally lots and lots of fun! I hope you enjoy looking through our photos…

Merry Christmas from Osprey Class!

Christmas Dancing

A fantastic last dance session of the term today with a very Christmassy theme! You can see our two dance routines from this term on the school website by clicking the link below. They really are brilliant.



Self Portraits

To finish off our topic on painting, we drew and painted self portraits having been inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo.

Roman Mosaics

Our finished Roman shields!

As promised, here is a picture of our completed Roman shields. I’m sure you will agree that they really do look fantastic. The designs are all so unique and carefully made and they look great displayed on the classroom wall!

Climate Change

Last week, Osprey Class spent some time discussing COP 26 and the effects of climate change on our planet. The children each thought of one question that they would like to ask the World Leaders about climate change which they wrote onto a leaf. They then chose one thing that they had control over and made a promise to do their bit for the planet. We have created an amazing display in our classroom full of all of the children’s ideas…

Here are some of the children’s questions and promises…

Making Roman Shields

Having learnt a lot about the Roman army, this week, we have been designing our own Roman shield. We drew inspiration from pictures of very traditional shields to create two different designs…

Today, we began creating our shields using the traditional colours of red and gold. The children made templates for each of the shapes on their design to ensure that the patterns were symmetrical. The next step will be to decorate and assemble the shields. Keep a look out for photos of the finished product…

Happy New Term!

It’s a brand new term and the 1st day of November. The weather has been very changeable today, but this beautiful rainbow above the classroom this morning was a sign of a positive term to come!

Folly Farm

Wow! What an amazing time the year 4s had on camp at Folly Farm. Here are a few photos from their trip…