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Science Week

What a brilliant first week back we have had! Our focus has been on science, with a jam-packed week of investigating and experimenting. Have a look at what we have been up to…

Properties of Materials

States of Matter

Investigating Changes of State

Investigating Dissolving

Which materials affect the speed in which sugar absorbs water?

Which paper towel is the most absorbent?

‘Twas the last week before Christmas…

What an amazing (and very busy) last week of term we have had! Loads of arts and crafts, an amazing trip to Caerleon and generally lots and lots of fun! I hope you enjoy looking through our photos…

Merry Christmas from Osprey Class!

Christmas Dancing

A fantastic last dance session of the term today with a very Christmassy theme! You can see our two dance routines from this term on the school website by clicking the link below. They really are brilliant.



Self Portraits

To finish off our topic on painting, we drew and painted self portraits having been inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo.

Roman Mosaics

Our finished Roman shields!

As promised, here is a picture of our completed Roman shields. I’m sure you will agree that they really do look fantastic. The designs are all so unique and carefully made and they look great displayed on the classroom wall!

Climate Change

Last week, Osprey Class spent some time discussing COP 26 and the effects of climate change on our planet. The children each thought of one question that they would like to ask the World Leaders about climate change which they wrote onto a leaf. They then chose one thing that they had control over and made a promise to do their bit for the planet. We have created an amazing display in our classroom full of all of the children’s ideas…

Here are some of the children’s questions and promises…

Making Roman Shields

Having learnt a lot about the Roman army, this week, we have been designing our own Roman shield. We drew inspiration from pictures of very traditional shields to create two different designs…

Today, we began creating our shields using the traditional colours of red and gold. The children made templates for each of the shapes on their design to ensure that the patterns were symmetrical. The next step will be to decorate and assemble the shields. Keep a look out for photos of the finished product…

Happy New Term!

It’s a brand new term and the 1st day of November. The weather has been very changeable today, but this beautiful rainbow above the classroom this morning was a sign of a positive term to come!

Folly Farm

Wow! What an amazing time the year 4s had on camp at Folly Farm. Here are a few photos from their trip…

Autumn Art

On the last day of term, those children who were not at Folly Farm had 2 great days at school learning about all things to do with autumn. They wrote some beautiful autumn poems and made these fantastic leaf wreaths. I’m sure they look great hung up at home!


What an amazing half term of dance we have had! Xavier is a fantastic dance teacher and the children look forward to these sessions every week. They have worked so hard to learn a routine and to work on their positioning and timing. In the last two sessions, the children have worked in small groups to continue the routine with their own movements and they all look amazing! Here are some photos of this week’s session.

Roman Numerals

What a fantastic week of maths we have had this week! We have been learning all about Roman numerals which fits in perfectly with our topic. To help us with this, we used lolly sticks to practise writing the numbers and to also write some calculations for each other to solve.

Maths Challenge!

On Thursday, Emily, Miya, Jacob and James went to King Edwards for a maths challenge. They competed in a series of different challenges against other schools and did amazingly well with Emily and James coming first! What fantastic representatives of St Philip’s they were and you can see from their smiling faces that they had a fantastic time. Well done all of you!

Cooking Week!

This week was our cooking week! To tie in with our Roman topic, the children made a traditional dish of spaghetti and tomato sauce. The feedback was that it was “delicious” and I know that some of the children would love to make it again at home. I have attached the recipe below – just click download.

Here are some photos from our cooking sessions:

Art – Colour Mixing

This term in art, we are focusing on painting. To get us started, we looked at how to mix and create different colours. We began with the three primary colours and mixed them to create secondary and tertiary colours. We then finished off by creating different tones of a colour.

PE this week

As part of our athletics block, we were looking at jumping this week. We looked at the best technique to use for a standing jump and how using our arms and legs can help us to gain height, distance and balance. The children worked in groups to measure their jumps and aimed to beat their previous distances. We then finished with a class jumping competition! Have a look at the photos…

Roman Chronology

As an introduction to our Roman topic, the children created a timeline to order key historical events. We were able to place the Roman Empire and understand the length of this period of time and where it fitted in amongst other historical times that we have learnt about such as the Maya and Ancient Egypt.