Welcome to Nightingale Class

Land Art

The children had a lovely afternoon creating beautiful sculptures out of natural materials. The children drew inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy’s land art.

Christmas Service

We hope you enjoyed our song ‘Tree of Light’. The children enjoyed creating their crowns and lanterns.

Learning Letter

Here is some information about what we will be doing this term.

Somerset Rural Life Museum

We had a brilliant time at the Rural Life Museum. The children enjoyed sorting materials and using their sense of touch to guess what the material might be. We also learnt how to make felt and got to see lots of artefacts in the museum.

Science – Investigating Materials

We have enjoyed testing materials to see which would be the best for an umbrella.

Parent Meeting Information

9th September 2022

We have had a brilliant first week in Nightingale Class. Here are some pictures of us enjoying different activities with our friends.

1st September 2022

Welcome back to all parents, carers and children in Nightingale class 2022-2023! I am looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 5th September. Throughout the year there will be lots of photos of our learning for you to share. Mrs Kavanagh

The Queen’s Jubilee

We had a great day parading our fantastic hats and costumes in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Here is a picture of all of us in Nightingale. We hope you all have a lovely half term.

Our Trip to Bristol Zoo

We had a fantastic time at Bristol Zoo! We saw so many different animals – lions, red panda’s, flamingo’s, penguins, seals, monkey’s, gorillas, crocodiles and so much more! We also learnt about the rainforests and the animals that live there. We even got to hold a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach and touch a snake! Here are some pictures from our day.

World Book Day!

On Thursday, it was World Book Day! Everyone was dressed in amazing costumes to showcase their favourite character from their favourite book. It was so lovely to share their favourite books and see their costumes! We also, had a fantastic time going around each class in the infants (Robin, Jay and Dove) to listen to a story from the teacher in that class and doing an activity based on that book. The children listened to the stories of ‘The Colour Monster’, ‘Giraffe problems’ and ‘The Giant of Jum’. We also read the story ‘Leaf’ in Nightingale class. The children made loads of fantastic things from designing their own colour monster, making their own bow-tie, designing a giant cake and decorating a polar bear with beautiful leaves and flowers. It was definitely a fun-filled day! Here are some pictures from our day.

African Dance

This term we have been learning about the 7 continents. As well as learning about the animals found in each continent and habitat, we have started learning different dances from around the world. This term we have looked at and performed an African Dance! Last Friday, we even shared our amazing dance with Dove class. We found the dance very fun and very energetic! Here are some pictures from our dance.

Merry Christmas!

This week we have had a wonderful time making things for Christmas and being visited by Elves! At the start of the week Nightingale class received letters from The Elves asking us to tell them all about ourselves. We also sent letters back to The Elves to find out more about them!

We have been creating some fantastic pieces of artwork. We have created brilliant and colourful portraits inspired by Pablo Picasso for our calendars. We have also created some sweet Felt Robin baubles for your Christmas trees. Below are some pictures of us making the baubles and the finished result.

It has been an exciting week with the lead up to Christmas. We have made a video of ourselves singing ‘Little Donkey’ on the school website. You can find it by clicking Children – Christmas 2021. There are also videos from all the other classes in the school too. We hope you enjoy our video and from everyone in Nightingale class we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Trip to Wells Cathedral – 02.11.21

We had the most amazing time at Wells Cathedral to visit Luke Jerram’s touring artwork: Museum of the Moon. We learnt so many facts about the Moon and also went on a star hunt around the Cathedral. As well as learning about the Moon, we learnt the importance of the Sun, Moon and Stars in the Bible. On our star hunt we saw how important the star was in leading the wise men to baby Jesus. We were told that before books and maps the Sun, Moon and Stars would help with directions by indicating where North, South, East and West were.

Also, there were so many exciting science experiments! We experimented with craters, light and forces. It was so fun making our own Moon craters, drawing our own solar system, watching how to Sun shines on our Earth and Moon and finally watching how a balloon rocket could travel by learning about forces.

Here are some pictures from our day!

Cooking Week – 18.10.21

This week we have been cooking fruit rockets! We made sure that we carefully washed and cut each fruit. We cut them into different shapes to make different parts of the rocket. Some of us used strawberries as the top of our rockets and melons at the bottom to make a rocket shape. We had a lot of fun making them and even more fun eating them!

Exploring Autumn

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at the trees in our playground and how they have slowly started to change. We became Autumn Investigators and looked at the trees leaves, bark, berries, buds and branches. We looked carefully through magnifying glasses and took brilliant pictures of what we found.

Meet the teacher.

If you missed the ‘Meet the teacher’ meeting last Tuesday or wanted to look back at the PowerPoint I showed during our meeting, you can access it below or on our Teams page in the General Channel.

Week 1 – Getting to know our new class.

We have had a fantastic first week in Nightingale class! We have been busy getting to know what everyone has been up to in the summer holidays and all about each other’s families, likes and dislikes.

We have also started looking at our new topic. Our topic this term is…

We have already thought about what sort of superhero we are and the super powers we already have! We have also created our own superhero cities ready for our Read Around display. Here are some pictures of us working on our superhero cities.