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I have been delighted to welcome St Philip’s first Kite Class into our classroom this week. Over the coming week we will be learning about time zones, exploring the work of Pablo Picasso and discovering how computer systems work.

I am also pleased to share that we will be visiting Wells Cathedral to visit Gaia, a piece of touring artwork by Luke Jerram on 19th October. This giant replica of our planet enables you to see NASA satellite images so you can imagine you are looking down on Earth from space. Hopefully it will be quite a magical experience.

Mrs Norgan

Gaia by Luke Jerram

Still life with a jug and fruit

Today in Kite Class, we have been drawing and adding pastels to a wonderful still life inspired by Pablo’s Picasso’s Still life with a pitcher and apples.

These are Kite’s reflections:

  • Annika found it quite difficult but she still enjoyed it
  • Keaton found it really relaxing and he really liked it when we used the pastels
  • Lilou found the task extremely peaceful and she really liked it
  • Jonny found it both easy and tricky because, while drawing the shape was quite simple, he found adding the detail quite challenging
  • Jenna thought that; although it looked easy, it was actually quite difficult
Still life with a pitcher and apples, Picasso, 1919

We look forward to showing you the finished result soon.