The King’s Coronation

World Book Day 2023

Observing the fascinating process of evaporation

Safer Internet Day

The 7th February is Internet Safety Day. This is all about celebrating the fantastic things that technology can do, whilst acknowledging and discussing the risks and worries that we might have.

It was a great opportunity to focus in on our online habits and create strategies to deal with any challenges the class face.

The overriding message was to ‘talk about it’. It is really important that all children and young people feel comfortable and able to talk about the good and the bad experiences they have when going online.

Exploring The Holburne Museum’s artefact boxes:

The Planetarium

Today, we had the opportunity to enter this incredible inflatable dome to expand our knowledge of space. Curtis, our guide was very knowledgeable and a could answer our vast array of questions. We all left feeling inspired. It was a fantastic end to our Earth and Space topic.

Here are some of our reflections:

Annika: It was quite cool because it was like virtual reality.

Marley: it was fascinating because even if you already knew the facts, you got to see them.

Jess: it was really interesting learning about the rules of the planet.

Jonny: It was amazing because it was just like being in a mini blow-up planetarium.

Seb: It was quite realistic because it felt like you were wearing a massive VR headset.

Phea: I was very interested and I couldn’t stop asking questions. It was eyecatching.

Eva V: It was ace!

Gia: It was like a trip to a different world.

Berry: It gave me a lot of hope to think that one day we could go to Mars.

Amelia: It was awesome because it felt like you were there.

Lilou: It was brilliant but quite hot in there.

Jenna: It was cool because it was 3 dimensional.

Zeyad: It was really cool because we could ask him really challenging questions.

Fareeda: It was amazing because we found out there could be life on Mars.

Keiron: I thought it was really cool because I’d never been in a dome like that. I liked learning how far Jupiter was from Earth.

DT Week: Salmon and Dill Crispy Coated Fish Cakes

Filming and Producing a Video

In computing this term, we have been learning to storyboard, film and create our own videos. Today we filmed ourselves creating our own ‘rainbow cous cous’. It was a lot of fun and we had a tasty reward at the end.

Here is the recipe for the tasty rainbow cous cous:

  1. Cook 100g of cous cous following the instructions on the packet.
  2. Add a range of chopped colourful vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, cucumber), grated carrot and sweetcorn.
  3. Add a drizzle of olive oil, squeeze of lemon and twist of salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Finally, mix well until all the ingredients are evenly combined.

We are having great fun learning to play badminton…

Still life with a jug and fruit

Today in Kite Class, we have been drawing and adding pastels to a wonderful still life inspired by Pablo’s Picasso’s Still life with a pitcher and apples.

These are Kite’s reflections:

  • Annika found it quite difficult but she still enjoyed it
  • Keaton found it really relaxing and he really liked it when we used the pastels
  • Lilou found the task extremely peaceful and she really liked it
  • Jonny found it both easy and tricky because, while drawing the shape was quite simple, he found adding the detail quite challenging
  • Jenna thought that; although it looked easy, it was actually quite difficult
Still life with a pitcher and apples, Picasso, 1919

We look forward to showing you the finished result soon.

Learning about Ramadan

This term in RE, we have been learning about Islam and the Muslim faith. One of their Five Pillars is fasting during Ramadan; where they do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. At sunset, they break their fast with a delicious date and enjoy a family meal. We enjoyed tasting these dried fruits and our opinions of them varied:

  • Berry thought the dates were nice at first but she didn’t like the aftertaste.
  • Fareeda thought that the dates were gross!
  • Jacob commented that they were too sweet for his liking.
  • Kieron exclaimed that they were the most disgusting thing in the world.
  • Phoebe says that when you first tasted the dates they weren’t very nice and then when you got into it, they tasted like sweet caramel.
  • Luca liked the dates but if he had more than three, then he might feel a bit ill.
  • Joseph liked the flavour of the dates but he didn’t particularly like the texture.

Our diverse trip to Wells Cathedral

On Wednesday, we went to the majestic Well’s Cathedral to see the ginormous Gaia. Most people thought it was amazingly titanic and others thought it was incredibly detailed. In addition to enjoying Gaia, we also had the opportunity to make our own felt planets, we sketched different parts of the cathedral, we ate lunch, we played chaos tag in the magnificent gardens and finally we had a interesting tour of the cathedral and discovered even more about Gaia.

Kite Class’ reflections:

  • Seb thought it was fun because we learnt lots about the planets and where different countries were positioned
  • Jacob thought it was very entertaining because everyone had fun and enjoyed it- that was probably the best part of it
  • Phea thought it was incredible because when she was sketching she drew the best detailed sketches she’s ever drawn
  • Zeyad thought it was really cool. The fact that we saw Gaia interested me the most because it was the WHOLE planet, with every country and continent, which was spinning like a real replica
  • Marley liked doing the sketching because she felt she did a really good sketch; however, she thought it was really difficult
  • Joseph really enjoyed the tour because it was fascinating hearing about the cathedral; especially seeing the clock

Kite’s Term 2 Learning letter

Continuing with our Picasso inspired monoprints:

It’s a great day for science

Last week, we met ‘Photon,’ the robot, who told us some interesting facts about light. We then completed several different activities including: using lasers, discovering how light can trick your eyes, we made music with light, learnt about the chiral structure, we explored crystals and recreated their structure.

Kite Class particularly enjoyed:

  • Jess liked discovering that red and red light makes blue light
  • Amelia admired Photon, the robot, telling us a story
  • Macie loved looking through the microscope to learn about the different colours
  • Lilou loved seeing all of the crystals, especially the meteorite
  • Phea enjoyed learning the meaning of ‘chiral’
  • Judah was drawn into how beautiful the laser looked

Thank you to Bath University and Professor Valev, who kindly gave their time and fascinating resources.