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Welcome to Jay Class Blog

We will post here regularly so you can see all the wonderful things we have been doing in class.

World Book Day

The children looked amazing in their costumes and we had a fabulous morning reading A Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz. We then thought about the continent of South America and its wonderful rainforests. We decided to paint toucans – they were so bright and colourful. Great job Jay Class.

We even tidied up afterwards!

Amazing Animals

This term we will be looking at amazing animals.

Take a look at our topic web:

Thursday 9th February

We had such a good day at Carymoor Environmental Centre. We went pond dipping, made minibeasts and animals from clay and investigated the nature reserve. It was so much fun!

Wednesday 18th January

We’ve been learning all about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Take a look at the fact files we have created so far:

We’ve also enjoyed building bridges:

Our maths sessions have been fun. We built teen numbers using numicon and sorted them into odd and even numbers.

This term…

The Little Nativity

The Little Nativity rehearsals for Reception are going well and this week we had a photo shoot. All the photos will be available to buy on a disc on the day. I’m sorry if your child was away but there will an individual photo of your child on the disc. Here is an sneaky peek of what you have to look forward too…

Don’t forget the performance is on Wednesday 7th December in the school hall at 9.20 am all family members welcome.

Welly walk

The children loved their first welly walk today. They walked through puddles, collected sticks and even climbed trees. They enjoyed exploring the woods as well as running free on the grass. They can’t wait to go again next week.

November 24th

Here is a snapshot of our week…we have been dancing with Xavier, playing rugby, painting, writing about dragons and much more. It’s been great fun!

October 31st

Welcome to the new term.

Our topic this term is Castles, Knights and Dragons. Take a look at our topic overview:

Trip to

Somerset Rural Life Museum

We are so proud of the Robin and Jay’s behaviour on the trip, particularly after the first week of being full time for the receptions- they were fantastic!

They had so much fun exploring different materials, felting and finding out about what life was like for Britons of the past. Well done guys!

September 2022

Seed exploring!

We’ve been exploring autumn and read ‘A Seed in Need‘ today by Sam Goodwin. The children enjoyed listening to the story and watching a time-lapse clip of a sunflower seed growing; they were fascinated! They had great fun exploring different seed pods, seed heads and autumn fruit- they may have some sneaky seeds in their pockets ready to plant at home!

Exploring and learning!

The Robins and Jays have been extremely busy exploring the classroom environment and the outside areas. They’ve been making friends and making dens, making all sorts of wonderful imaginative concoctions in our sensory play areas and have been having lots of fun whilst learning…have a peek…

This term our topic is ‘Time machine’. Please see below a copy of our topic web.

The Year 1 children have returned to school happy and enthusiastic and are loving the doors being open between the two classes. The Reception children have settled in really well and are enjoying exploring the classroom. We will post some pictures soon. Watch this space.

The Farm Trip

The children had a wonderful time at the farm today. They got to do many exciting things such as feeding baby lambs and goats, riding on the back of a tractor and getting to feed hens.

Paws, Claws and Whiskers

This term is all about animals from different continents. We are starting at home in Europe with pets, then travelling to Africa, Antarctica, Oceania, South America, North America and then Asia.

Welly Walks 24.05.22

Welly Walks 11.05.22

Our Favourite Animal Books

Bristol Zoo Trip

The Jay’s had an amazing time at Bristol zoo. They loved exploring the Zoo grounds, looking at the different animals. They particularly loved the penguins and the seals- they got really close to them.

The rainforest workshop was fantastic and they enjoyed being in a really exciting rainforest themed environment and getting to learn about the animals and ecosystem. They even got to hold a hissing cockroach and pet a snake and insect- exciting!

World Book Day

The children looked marvellous on World Book Day! They had a very diverse and creative morning, moving from class to class to discover a different book and activity in each class. In the afternoon, they were visited by a reading buddy with a wrapped book as a present for the Jays. When they unwrapped it, their buddy read it to them. They really enjoyed themselves and it was lovely to see the children interacting so beautifully and enjoying books!


The children have been learning all about penguins. We have labelled penguins, written poems about them and have even drawn them. Have a look at these wonderful creations…

African Paintings

The children have loved creating these amazing African sunsets. They are displayed in the classroom. We hope you like them.

Jay Class Pets

The children have been very enthusiastic to tell us all about their pets. Here are a few pictures of their pets. Do you recognise any of them?


The Reception children were amazing in ‘The Noisy Nativity’. We hope you enjoyed their performance. The Years Ones created a fabulous video of ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’, which can be found on the schools webpage, please take a look.

Remembrance day

The children were really interested in why we wear poppies every year. So we discussed the importance of remembrance day and the significance of the poppy. The children then enjoyed making their own poppies.

Superhero Initial Shields

This term our grammar focus has been capital letters for proper nouns so what better way to practise this skill, than to make our own superhero initial shields.

The Jay’s had a great time designing theirs. They used their using their creativity to think of which powers their shields might have and then they used their fine motor skills to create it- I think you’ll agree that they look pretty awesome!

Jay Class Superheroes

Do you know our real identities???

(These are just the Year 1’s, Reception photos to follow soon.)

Supertato Baddies

The children are really loving our Supertato stories. This week our story is called ‘Carnival Catastro-pea!’ Evil Pea has been causing trouble again. The children think he is hilarious and love it when Supertato saves the day.

We looked at ‘Evil Pea’ and then the children designed their own fruit or veg baddie. They are amazing! Have a look at these…

Meet the teacher powerpoint

If you missed the meeting, please click on the link above to see a copy of the powerpoint.


This term we will be finding out about real heroes and fictional superheroes. We will be basing our writing and reading on the ‘Supertato’ books. The children will be designing their own ‘Super Veggie’ and ‘Baddie’. Over the term they will be creating their own ‘Super Veggie’ story.

If you have these books at home, please start reading them with the children or maybe you could get them from the library. The more familiar they are with them, the more they will enjoy them. There are lots in this series to choose from. Have fun reading!

Veggie Superheroes

This week the children designed their own Veggie Superheroes. They are amazing. Have a look at these… Do you know what vegetable they are?