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We will post here regularly so you can see all the wonderful things we have been doing in class.

Paws, Claws and Whiskers

This term is all about animals from different continents. We are starting at home in Europe with pets, then travelling to Africa, Antarctica, Oceania, South America, North America and then Asia. We will post about our animals soon. Watch this space…


The Reception children were amazing in ‘The Noisy Nativity’. We hope you enjoyed their performance. The Years Ones created a fabulous video of ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’, which can be found on the schools webpage, please take a look.

Remembrance day

The children were really interested in why we wear poppies every year. So we discussed the importance of remembrance day and the significance of the poppy. The children then enjoyed making their own poppies.

Superhero Initial Shields

This term our grammar focus has been capital letters for proper nouns so what better way to practise this skill, than to make our own superhero initial shields.

The Jay’s had a great time designing theirs. They used their using their creativity to think of which powers their shields might have and then they used their fine motor skills to create it- I think you’ll agree that they look pretty awesome!

Jay Class Superheroes

Do you know our real identities???

(These are just the Year 1’s, Reception photos to follow soon.)

Supertato Baddies

The children are really loving our Supertato stories. This week our story is called ‘Carnival Catastro-pea!’ Evil Pea has been causing trouble again. The children think he is hilarious and love it when Supertato saves the day.

We looked at ‘Evil Pea’ and then the children designed their own fruit or veg baddie. They are amazing! Have a look at these…

Meet the teacher powerpoint

If you missed the meeting, please click on the link above to see a copy of the powerpoint.


This term we will be finding out about real heroes and fictional superheroes. We will be basing our writing and reading on the ‘Supertato’ books. The children will be designing their own ‘Super Veggie’ and ‘Baddie’. Over the term they will be creating their own ‘Super Veggie’ story.

If you have these books at home, please start reading them with the children or maybe you could get them from the library. The more familiar they are with them, the more they will enjoy them. There are lots in this series to choose from. Have fun reading!

Veggie Superheroes

This week the children designed their own Veggie Superheroes. They are amazing. Have a look at these… Do you know what vegetable they are?