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16th March

Today we held our Fair Trade fair. Each team consisted of buyers and sellers representing a different country, which was importing and exporting Fair Trade goods. The sellers were trying to get the most profit for their transactions while the buyers were trying to haggle down the price. Eagle Class were brilliant at showing kindness and courtesy in all their trading.

3rd March

For World Book Day we read one of Miss Ashby’s favourite books – The Snow Dragon and then used our acting skills and a play script to bring the story to life.

10th February

This week has been packed with lots of exciting activities. Tuesday was Safer Internet Day. The theme this year is ‘Making space for conversations about life online. We chose some of the activities from here: https://d1xsi6mgo67kia.cloudfront.net/uploads/2022/11/Safer-Internet-Day-2023-Resources-for-7-11s.pdf

There are some great activities in this booklet you might like to try at home too. to continue those conversations.

On Tuesday morning we went climbing:

On Thursday, we made Tomato and Basil tartlets:

Today we conducted a science experiment to find out what happens to the size of an object’s shadow when the light source is moved further away.

Then we tried sketching some different faces in art.

2nd February

Today was Miss Read’s last day with us. We want to send her a huge thank you for all her brilliant teaching and caring support for us.

13th December

Wow! It’s been a busy term. Here are some of our William Morris inspired computer artworks which are on display in our cloakroom.

Here is our Batik work. We used PVA glue and acrylic paint, then washed off the glue to make our final pieces.

Last week, we made Christingles and learnt about their link to the Christmas story. This week, we are writing our instructions for how to make them.

21st October

In DT this term, we have been lookinga t materials and construction. We thought about designing and making a box for a treasure or trinket that was important to us. As paert of our design, we considered shape, lids, internal organisation and external design. Here are our finished boxes:

27th September

This term in PSHE we have been looking at teamwork. We thought of what makes teamwork good and tried to order them in order of most important.

5th September 2022

A very warm welcome to parents, carers and children in Eagle Class 2022-23. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Monday morning. Throughout the year I will be uploading photos of what we have been up to in school for you to share in our learning journey together. ~Miss Ashby

11th July

Here is a small selection of photos from our trip to WWT Slimbridge. We really enjoyed the pond dipping.

27th June

Here are some examples of our artwork this afternoon, which were inspired by British photographer Stephen Mcmennamy.

10th June

We had a brilliant day today making Viking bread. The recipe, for those who want to make it again, can be found here. We used wholemeal rye bread.

27th May

Here is a selection of photos from our Jubilee Hat Parade this morning.

12th May

Today, we had fun in our hockey lesson with Mrs Stock.

4th May

This week, we have enjoyed building our own Lego models and programming them to move using LegoWeDo. Our first model was a drumming monkey. I wonder what we will make next.

8th April

Today, we had a wonderful afternoon meeting our pen pals in Dove class. They read their books to us and we taught them how to make a paper aeroplance. Then we all had some fun outside testing our new planes!

Year 4 Climbing Trip

Safer Internet Day 8th February

On Tuesday 8th February 2022, we spent the afternoon considering how to stay safe online. Safer Internet Day UK have provided lots of excellent resources for teachers and parents and carers to help support conversations about staying safe online. On Tuesday, we watched their virtual assembly which you can watch again here https://player.vimeo.com/video/671951508?h=1ed3a799a6%20 and then followed the lesson plan and slides which you can find on our Teams page. Eagle Class were very knowledgeable about online gaming and had lots of super tips for staying safe. Do ask our class what they know – you might be surprised!

4th February

We’d like to share lots of our artwork with you. Our classroom is looking amazing! We’ve been busy with painting, tearing paper mountains and forming paper into lots of 3D items. Today, we made Chinese lanterns and found out a bit about Chinese New Year on 1st February.

Here are some of the art pieces on display in our classroom.

20th January

Welcome to a new term in Eagle Class. It’s brilliant to be back in school with our friends after Christmas. Today, we really enjoyed reading recipes and scaling up the ingredients for different numbers of people. Perhaps you could do this at home with recipes you are making.

We have also finished our salt dough cross-sections of the Earth’s layers. We can’t bring them home yet as they haven’t fully dried but here’s a sneak preview.

10th December

We had a lovely trip to Caerleon today.

30th November – Hockey

Apologies for the wait for our next post. Today we enjoyed hockey despite the drizzle.

5th November – Roman shields

Miss Ashby is so chuffed with our amazing Roman shields. They look amazing on the display in our classroom.

Also, we have some photos from cooking week last term which Miss Ashby forgot to share! Here we are making Pesto Pasta.

22nd October – Folly Farm

Here is a small selection of the photos from the Y4 trip to Folly Farm.

8th October

We are loving our Thursday dance sessions. Already, in just 4 weeks, we have learnt and remembered the first part of our dance.

1st October

In athletics we had fun measuring our standing long jumps in the playground. Miss Ashby thought her class had turned into frogs!

This week we did a science experiment where we melted coloured ice cubes. The blue and yellow ice cubes melted into green water!

Information for Parents and Carers

If you were unable to attend the information afternoon on Teams last week, you can download the slides here:

20th September

Congratulations to Keaton for winning the KS2 writing champion this week. I love his use of expanded noun phrases, senses and similes to describe a setting for a story. You can really imagine being there. Here is his writing:

19th September

A very warm welcome to Eagle Class 2021 and our parents and carers. This term in science we are investigating solids, liquids and gases. Last Wednesday, we enjoyed looking at various different things and trying to decide whether to classify them as solids or liquids.