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Land Art

The children had a lovely afternoon creating beautiful sculptures out of natural materials. The children drew inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy’s land art.

Festive Snowflakes

This week we have been creating beautiful paper snowflakes. To make our snowflakes we followed the instructions on how to make a ‘Gwiadzy’. ‘Gwiadzy’ in Polish means ‘stars’. We even wrote our own instructions too.

Here is what they look like:

Learning Letter

Here is some information about what we will be doing this term.

Science Investigation: Teddy’s Umbrella

This week we were exploring materials. We helped investigate which material would make the best umbrella for Teddy. We looked at the properties of wood, metal, fabric, plastic and glass. From our investigation, we concluded a waterproof fabric would be the best material for an umbrella. Here are some pictures of our experiment.

Parent Meeting Information

Welcome to Dove Class 2022!

We have had a fantastic first week in Dove Class. It has been lovely to get to know each other this week. Our topic this term is ‘Time Machine’. This week, we started looking at the Great Fire of London. We made brilliant houses out of card and paper ready for our Great Fire of London display. Here are some pictures of our amazing houses.

Celebrating the Platinum Jubilee

Performing poetry

We had a lovely session listening to the children performing their animal poems. Great job everyone.

Maths- Measuring mass

Bristol Zoo

World Book Day

We have had a fabulous World Book Day! The children have spent the morning listening to a different story in each of the infant classrooms. Mrs Austin read ‘Leaf’, Miss Holder read ‘The Colour Monster’, Mrs Whitfield read ‘Giraffe Problems’ and I finished off the morning reading ‘The Giant of Jum’. In the afternoon, we listened to Masked Readers and tried to guess who they were! We shared some of our favourite books and really enjoyed looking at the fabulous costumes.

Country dancing

Today we enjoyed performing two of the country dances we have been learning in PE. Nightingale class were a great audience. We also enjoyed watching their African dance.

Chicken visit

We welcomed another animal group to our classroom last week. Matilda’s chicken Mary came in to visit us. We really enjoyed the noises she made and watching her walk around the classroom.

Guinea pig visit

This week we welcomed Mr Penguin and Mr Brambles into Dove class. We learnt lots about how to look after a pet guinea pig.

Meeting Berry

This week we got to meet Berry the stick insect. The children enjoyed looking closely at her. We had read that they breathe through holes in their body so we enjoyed looking for those. Some children were happy to hold her.

Happy New Year!

Our new topic this term is called ‘Paws, claws and whiskers.’ We will be learning all about different animals in the world and where they live. We have started by thinking about the animals we have as pets. This morning, we were excited to meet our new class pets. We suggested and voted on their names. We would like to introduce…

Wells Cathedral – 2.11.21

We had a brilliant trip to Wells Cathedral. All of the children enjoyed a range of activities including science experiments, a tour of the cathedral and some art activities.

Cooking week – 1.11.21

We have enjoyed learning how to chop fruit safely this week. We made fruit rockets as we visited the Moon on Tuesday.

PE – 30.09.21

We have enjoyed dancing to Go Noodle today!

We have had great fun in maths this morning! We have been recapping our subitizing skills. We chose a domino (or dominoes), counted the dots and then represented our number on a tens frame using counters.

Thank you to all of the parents who came to the information session. If you were unable to attend, a copy of the power point is available below

Week 1 – Welcome back!

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to school. Have a look at some pictures of us enjoying our new classroom.

Our new Read Around is ready! More details about how this works will be given next week. Please
read as often as possible at home and record this in your child’s planner.