Your child should have come home with a full book-bag today. Here’s a reminder of what’s what:

The ‘word time 1’ sheet needs to be practised every day. Once your child has read the sounds and words on this sheet they will be given a new sheet. We will decide at school when they are ready to move on. Please could you make a note in the planner when they have practised the sheet and sign it. You could simply write something along the lines of ‘Practised word time 1’ with your signature or you could add more notes if you wish/have the time. Once your child has reached word time 5 they will also receive a simple book to take home and read. The sounds book has an explanation at the front so please read! The planner will be a record of your child’s reading both at home and at school but we may also use it to write simple messages to you.

Your child also has a Doodlemaths log-in which is on page 15 of their planner. Doodlemaths is a fun app, to be used at home, which helps your child’s mathematical skills.

Please try to hear your child read every day – it really helps with your child’s confidence and ability.

Robin Class have had another fabulous week and we can’t wait for the children to be in full time. Be prepared for a bit of tiredness!